Why is HMS Essette rapidly becoming the preferred choice? Today’s healthcare organizations require a powerful platform—a medical management hub flexible enough to supply high value, collaborative care across the continuum. HMS Essette delivers. To learn more about our solutions and software features, request a demo.

In the meantime, here are answers to some questions you may be pondering (after all, everyone loves a little immediate gratification, right?):

Does the HMS Essette software handle all lines of business?2018-01-26T16:30:16-06:00

Absolutely. We offer expert solutions for addressing the needs of both Medicare, Medicaid, and Duals. It is also flexible enough to handle a multitude of commercial population models. In fact, we’ve never seen a population that we couldn’t support.

Can we automate Care Plans and Assessments from data feeds?2018-01-26T16:31:16-06:00

You bet. That’s the fun part.

Can we use the Population Health Management Module [PM] for our own campaigns?2017-09-22T12:42:57-06:00

Yes. Our PM tool helps you create campaigns designed around your members’ needs, or, we can help you load campaigns from other sources such as HEDIS, State files, etc.

How about ACO’s, PCMHs and Care Delivery Organizations?2017-09-22T12:44:02-06:00

Yes, yes, and yes! HMS’s passion is to eliminate silos of information; to bridge islands. Put simply, we build tools designed for ‘Connecting People with Technology’.

Our license model supports unlimited users at no additional fee and our advanced web architecture allows access on any device with a browser. What does that mean to you? Our cutting-edge solutions can support healthcare organizations, teams, and individual users any time and on any device.

How about reporting?2018-01-26T16:33:03-06:00

Our clients find our reporting tool invaluable! Whether they choose ‘canned’, ad-hoc, or—opt to build their own reports in the HMS Essette platform—we offer choices. And since every IT department is always overwhelmed, HMS Essette empowers the business to create and maintain their own reports. With more power and knowledge, you will be more efficient.

How do we include providers?2018-01-26T16:34:00-06:00

You can include providers by giving them their own logins to HMS Essette. Or, we can embed referrals, tasks, and care plans directly in an EMR.

How does HMS Essette software meet industry standards?2018-01-26T16:34:35-06:00

We continuously review NCQA Standards and CMSA’s Standards of Best Practice. We also review CMS requirements regarding Medicare Advantage and the various state requirements involving Medicaid. Equally important, we listen to nurses, physicians, and all of our users. Sure, we strive to incorporate proper guidelines into every module—but we also pay attention to user preferences. It’s this incredibly powerful and user-friendly combination that makes the HMS Essette software unique. And, why it is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for healthcare organizations seeking a simple means of delivering high-value, collaborative care.

Which core eligibility/claims systems do you integrate with?2017-09-22T12:50:02-06:00

Let’s put it this way: we haven’t bumped into a system yet that we couldn’t integrate with!

To be specific, HMS has experience in integrating with EZ-CAP®, TriZetto Facets® and QNXT®, DST MHC®, Cache®, DST PowerMHS®, Diamond®, GE IDX®, DST Amisys®, HP MetaVance®, Aldera, Plexis and homegrown systems in Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle®.

How about Analytics?2018-01-26T16:36:12-06:00

Integrating analytics into HMS Essette makes it an even more powerful toolkit, evidenced by its ability to automatically create Population Campaigns, Case Management cases, and care plans. Which is why we will proudly integrate with whichever analytics tools you utilize.

In situations where no prior analytics exist, we work with partners such as Milliman to offer predictive analytics. HMS Essette is a certified integration partner of their MARA tool (Milliman Advanced Risk Adjuster)—a favorite of our clients, since MARA utilizes both Dx and Rx data. In addition, the HMS Essette Advanced Analytics module is powered by Qualmetrix, a full-suite population health analytics platform built on the Johns Hopkins ACGs.

Can we integrate other data such as lab and pharmacy, HIE, EMR, financial, benefits, etc.?2018-01-26T16:37:16-06:00

Absolutely! We can integrate data stored in your data warehouse, we can have HL7 messages pushed to us or we can work with your IT department to integrate directly with any external data source—in each instance, bringing all pertinent data directly to the appropriate user.

In fact, once you have HMS Essette, you have complete access to your own, private little HIE.

What do you mean by ‘Content-Ready’ yet configurable?2018-01-26T16:38:07-06:00

Our workflow framework is based on NCQA Complex Case Management Guidelines. Our clinical content is based on criteria and standards from NCQA, the CMSA, and experienced nurse case managers who make updates based on federal and state mandates—including Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

Even better, HMS Essette provides organizations and their power users the added capability to add or edit content. An important differentiator for industry leaders who are daring to ‘rethink’ healthcare and who sometimes require a tool configurable enough to better accommodate their local market.

Is it cross browser compatible?2018-01-26T16:38:47-06:00

HMS Essette works on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. In fact, folks use it on iPads and Microsoft Surface devices too!

Do you have a built-in Correspondence tool?2018-01-26T16:39:39-06:00

Yes. The software includes powerful correspondence functionality that comes standard with every HMS Essette module. It provides your team with the capacity to automatically trigger letters and directly merge the data in the application with the letter template. Our agile toolkit also has the ability to create PDF’s and track whether correspondence is being sent to members or to providers. (Speaking of providers, we also provide you with the ability to deliver your correspondence directly via fax and even knows that the fax was received or if it failed – no need to login to a separate fax system.)

What makes the Utilization Management Module [UM] tool so outstanding?2017-09-22T12:56:08-06:00

Our UM module is unique in its ability to support efficient management of authorization requests and inpatient stays. Extremely user friendly, yet powerful, its embedded auto-approval rule engine tightly integrates with evidence-based guidelines to ensure timely, appropriate and cost-effective care.

Are you certified partners with any key vendors?2017-09-22T12:57:33-06:00

Yes. Because HMS is dedicated to integration. By developing strategic solutions and certified alliances with clients, their vendors, and key partners, our already cost-effective solutions provide more value and flexibility. Our clients benefit.

By leveraging our combined experience and insight (including your IT Department’s!) we can deliver a seamless solution—one best suited to unique organizational needs and requirements.

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best in the industry. We are proud to offer the advantages of certified alliances—including the evidence based best practices and criteria provided by MCG and InterQual, as well as the award-winning content and tools provided by Healthwise®. We are also certified partners with Milliman MARA, First Data Bank, Insignia Health, Agile Health, QualMetrix, xG Health and Plexis.

Does HMS offer a solution that utilizes MCG evidence-based practices and criteria?2018-01-26T16:41:04-06:00

Yes. We encourage clients to subscribe to MCG’s dynamic CareWebQI® tool. By launching the tool directly from the Essette Utilization Management Module [UM] module, key information—such as member, provider, ICD9, ICD10 and CPT codes—is made available in CareWebQI®. After the user has navigated satisfactorily though the CareWebQI® tool, the integrated system allows for an exchange of updated results to the EssetteSuite platform.

HMS Essette was also one of the first partners to fully integrate with Cite AutoAuth, which is embedded in the Essette Provider Portal.

How does HMS Essette integrate with Healthwise?2018-01-26T16:41:46-06:00

Case Managers launch Healthwise Coach directly from the Essette Care Management Module [CM]. From there, the nurse can prescribe follow-up materials from the incredible Knowledge Base provided by Healthwise.

Our organization is growing. We need solutions that will grow with us. Can HMS help?2018-01-26T16:42:56-06:00

Yes, and in many ways! First and foremost: HMS Essette utilizes scalable architecture. Our software solutions are built to stay ahead of market trends and utilize input from cutting-edge clients, industry consultants, and our  own in-house clinical experts. This advanced web architecture allows access on any device with a browser—which means care can be supported by any user at any time on any device.

Equally important, HMS Essette’s unique license model supports unlimited users at no additional fee, making it possible for all constituents to participate. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your software costs won’t rise as your organization grows.

How long will it take us to get up and running?2017-09-22T13:13:05-06:00

It’s up to you. We have implemented our software in as short as 7 weeks! Average is 3 months. We can run fast—can you keep pace?

Do you provide support services?2017-09-22T13:31:24-06:00

At HMS, supporting our clients is just as important as developing and delivering the software. We have highly efficient clinical and technical staff available to assist you within your scope and timeframe. See our Services page for more info.

Can we go live with one module first?2017-09-22T13:19:11-06:00

Absolutely. It is common to break the implementation into phases. Talk to us. We want to help you accomplish your goals—in the order that works best for your team.

Will you share your client list?2017-09-22T13:21:37-06:00

When selecting a vendor partner it is important to talk to a sampling of existing and past clients. We recommend three to five references.

How many installations do you have?2016-01-21T18:14:30-06:00

This is an important question. If the vendor you are considering is a start-up, you may not want to be number 2 or 3. A number above 15 is good, above 25 is even better.

How many de-installations do you have?2017-09-22T13:23:14-06:00

Vendors won’t always volunteer that clients might have ‘uninstalled’ their software! If clients have, then why? Did they replace it with a larger integrated system? Understandable. Did they merge with another company that required them to use the other software? Understandable. Did they uninstall it because they weren’t satisfied with the software?

How are you staying up with industry trends?2017-09-22T13:24:17-06:00

Ask your prospective vendors what they plan to do with social media, wikis, collaboration, patient engagement, text messaging, smart phones and iPads. Are they keeping up with industry trends? Do they understand how you want to work in the future?

What is the first word that would come to mind if we asked a client about you as a vendor?2017-09-22T13:26:16-06:00

Ours would be trust.

Can we add more to the platform?2018-01-26T16:45:35-06:00

Many vendor partners are unable to answer, ‘Yes!’ to this question. Some still only flourish because they’ve built their castles in proprietary kingdoms. Not very relevant to today’s healthcare challenges. But because HMS Essette connects to your data, and we don’t charge additional user fees, and, because we have an auditable user login feature, our clients are asking us to incorporate outside MS Access, Excel and other applications into the platform.

What else can you integrate with?2018-01-26T16:46:30-06:00

Can you integrate with our provider or member portal? Our document management system? EMRs and HIEs? Other departments like Quality or Provider Relations? Think of any integration that will increase productivity or your workers, and improve quality of care. HMS is dedicated to integration and flexibility.

HMS Essette’s powerful feature sets are built upon an agnostic ‘open exchange’ platform, allowing a wide spectrum of info to be available real-time and, as a result, supports unlimited integrations with internal and external platforms, as required by the healthcare ecosystem.

What is your implementation track record?2017-09-22T13:29:29-06:00

This is probably one of the most important criteria when selecting a vendor partner. We hear countless stories of cost and time overruns. We truly have a flawless track record on implementations. We recommend when searching for a vendor partner that  you research every finalist you consider—giving full scrutiny to how they answer this question!