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Understanding 2018 NCQA Requirements | Essette Essentials Webinar Series

November 15, 2017
The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) released its 2018 Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) standards and guidelines. This includes a new category called Population Health Management (PHM) to specifically address the needs of members. In this very informative and timely discussion on existing and new NCQA accreditation requirements with one of our partners, Healthwise, we explored these new guidelines and how HMS Essette and Healthwise can help facilitate the march toward NCQA accreditation.

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Supporting Population Growth | Essette Essentials Webinar Series

October 5, 2017
The HMS Essette team works with clients faced with the daunting task of supporting a rapidly growing population. Watch this webinar to hear how our Care Management Technology is intuitively designed to streamline cumbersome workaround processes, provides interoperability between existing systems and empowers your care team to allocate their time more efficiently to support the growing population needs.  Simply put, HMS Essette is adaptable to grow as you grow.

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 An Introduction to HMS Essette | Essette Essentials Webinar Series

September 7, 2017
Andy Gaudette, Senior Vice President at HMS, invites you to watch this intro to HMS Essette. In this webinar, Andy discusses how Essette’s care management technology is intuitively designed to support your evolving coordinated care demands while delivering to daily individual member care needs.

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