Beyond Technology

Highly automated industries demand the accelerated delivery of efficient and accurate solutions. Should the business of healthcare expect anything less?

HMS Essette’s exceptional offerings extend beyond flexible technology and advanced, yet simple software solutions. Our diverse professional teams provide excellent insight and invaluable experience. In fact, our founders honed their proficiencies and carved their earliest reputation by exceeding the manufacturing industry’s demands. Their success was dependent on their ability to engineer automated, auditable technology platforms which, ultimately, would allow organizations to deliver cost savings and improved outcomes. Sound familiar?

Today, healthcare can even rely on HMS Essette for more. Our collaborative, agnostic approach is based on years of combined experience in connecting people with technology—of architecting interoperable, precise, and streamlined systems designed to deliver value through innovation and insight.

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Essette Einstein

We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

“Essette has given us the ability to document, route and interface with clinical criteria electronically. Not only has this virtually eliminated paper in our utilization department, it has also decreased administrative cost and improved review quality.”

Richard Helmer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Central California Alliance for Health

A Unique Alternative

HMS Essette offers a robust highly customizable alternative to ‘shrink wrapped’ applications. Our web-based solutions help users streamline workflow, comply with regulatory requirements, and most importantly, improve patient care outcomes.

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