Accelerated Trust. Accelerated Implementations.

Often overwhelmed and understaffed, healthcare organizations struggle with the inherent challenges involved in implementing change in their beleaguered ecosystem.

The HMS Essette team has learned that merely aiming to hit an organization’s tight budget or unrealistic timeline rarely guarantees a successful implementation. Instead, and in every engagement, we rely on trust to be our biggest performance multiplier. Because trust always affects two measurable outcomes: speed and cost. In fact, findings from studies indicate high trust companies outperform low trust companies by nearly 300%.

Trust is said to be confidence born of two dimensions: character and competence. Character includes integrity, motive, and intent. Competence includes the capabilities and skills that contribute to one’s ‘track record’. If trust is to exist, both dimensions are vital.

As such, every HMS Essette implementation engages competent staff who embrace Essette’s core values. Team members are ‘handpicked’ to provide the leadership, training, and support required by a specific implementation. We also tailor time-tested management, configuration, and quality assurance methodologies to fit our clients’ needs. The collaborative, consultative relationship that ensues is a sure-fire way to accelerate trust. The desired result: a fast-tracked implementation incubated in confidence.

“Essette’s highly customizable software package fits our evolving software development needs and will assist us as we continue to provide low-cost, high-quality healthcare services to our members.”

Darren McLachlan, VP of Finance and Information Technology, Synermed, Inc

A Unique Alternative

HMS Essette offers a robust highly customizable alternative to ‘shrink wrapped’ applications. Our web-based solutions help users streamline workflow, comply with regulatory requirements, and most importantly, improve patient care outcomes.

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