Data Integration

Data movement is all about making sure interrelated systems get the information they need. In healthcare interfaces, it is most often referred to as ‘data integration’. In these organizations, data movement also has security overtones, including those involving PHI and HIPAA. With the explosion of cloud computing and vendor-hosted systems, ensuring stringent security and compliance standards are implemented is a must.

HMS Essette data integrations adhere to strict security and compliance standards and are tailored to support healthcare organizations as they evolve, regardless of which IT phase or overall business strategy the organization has adopted.

The data governance model of the HMS Essette data hub is structured so needed analytics and rules can be run on an integrated data set. HMS Essette’s powerful feature sets are built upon an agnostic ‘open exchange’ platform, allowing a wide spectrum of info to be available real-time and, as a result, supports unlimited integrations with internal and external platforms, as required by the healthcare ecosystem.

A healthcare organization’s HIT strategy determines which interactive data views are provided to any care management team, but HMS Essette’s core system technology allows for collaboration across the continuum of care. Most important, without programmer intervention, views can include a ‘big picture’ view of member /patient health and care history.

EssetteSuite Integration Strategies

The Team

HMS Essette’s Data Integration Team consists of a very talented bunch. Their expertise in agile SDLC, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, including backend data abstraction layers, security and automation, only serves as a foundation for their role at HMS. They are responsible for mission critical ETL and data migrations involving millions of records in healthcare enterprise environments. Seamless integrations with these, often highly customized environments, is dependent on their competency in the full-development lifecycle of enterprise-targeted applications.


Though, ‘out of the box,’ HMS Essette offers a mature, robust software application. The creative organizations with whom we work are often quick to embrace HMS Essette’s solution-engineering expertise and agile technology. Although they may not be ‘disrupters,’ they are innovators, and understand that the like-minded HMS Essette team offers software and services still unique in the industry.

HMS Essette’s visionary architecture and business model accommodates ‘future-proofed’ customizations—by allowing organizations to customize and adapt HMS Essette software to better meet their distinct business needs—while still remaining on a scheduled upgrade path.

Whether the customizations are minor and involve a few hours of coding or require extended engagements involving solution design, development, and implementation, client organizations trust HMS to accelerate their adoption of uniquely tailored software.

We are proud of the relationships we have built with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem. We welcome the opportunity to provide clients with our amazing software and, when needed, to assist them with customizations. Throw us into an organization and challenge us to integrate HMS Essette with all of your existing applications and watch how we can take silos and bring everything together. It’s a beautiful thing.

Whether we help organizations meet existing, new, or, still yet undiscovered initiatives, you can be assured that bringing excellence to healthcare is always our focus.

A Unique Alternative

HMS Essette offers a robust highly customizable alternative to ‘shrink wrapped’ applications. Our web-based solutions help users streamline workflow, comply with regulatory requirements, and most importantly, improve patient care outcomes.

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